Monday, February 18, 2008

Pastor Dales Crazy Driving!!!

This is a picture of Lisa and Krista after riding with Pastor Dale!!!!!
Today our team spent some time together and bonded with each other. Pastor Dale, Linda and Tom went to meet with Busiciwe to discuss church business. The rest of our team spent time in the devotions room talking. We had a lot of fun. When they returned, we headed to El Shaddai to work on the garden. On the way there we stopped to give candy to some Swazi children. I was hanging out the van window so that I could reach the children to hand it to them, I didn’t get completely in before Pastor started driving again, I think this has become a game to him as this was not the first time that I went flying in the van. I had to do some fancy maneuvering to get myself back in the van while it is moving full force and get back in my seat. It was quite comical and we laughed. I didn't know I had moves like that. You have to be pretty quick about getting in your seat and belted in when Pastor Dale is driving because the minute the van door is closed, he’s off to the races and flying around curves! I have noticed that is the way people drive in Swaziland though. What's that old saying?.......When in Rome, do as the Romans! It must pertain to Swaziland too!

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