Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Swazi Greeting in Manzini

Swaziland Arrival-
We arrived in Swaziland about 2:00 in the afternoon. Pastor Dale and Jennifer Willson(with Free Methodist World Missions) were there to pick us up. We went to the church that New Covenant built in Manzini and met Busisewe (her and her husband Vasco live next to the church which is on the same property). We also met several children that live in the village and attend the church. It is a custom in Swaziland to greet your guest by singing to them. This video is of Busisewe and the children of the village greeting us. Every time I see it, I want to be there. Each child then shared something about themselves. These children are very intelligent, and they have hopes and dreams for their future. I see a definite poverty here, not like you see in the United States though. Many of these children live in homes without electricity, some live in homes where their are only children living, some may have not eaten that day yet they have an innocent hope in their faces and they were there to sing to us and greet us. Later we went to the conference center, had dinner and then shared with each other about the day and what we hope to get out of all of this. I am not quite sure what I hope to get out of this, I only know that I have a need to help in some way. I am exhausted and hope to sleep tonight.

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