Monday, February 18, 2008

God Speaks to your Heart......

This is a photo of me and my sponsor daughter Ntambifuthi. She is 16 years old, somewhat shy, has a beautiful voice and a big love for the Lord!

I believe God speaks to each one of us differently. For some it may be a voice, others may have visions and dreams, for some it may be an inner voice, for me it is a feeling in my heart.

I had wanted to give something to Ntambifuthi to remind her of the time we shared together. I had a bracelet with me that I had made and thought that would be a good gift, as it was a bracelet that I wore often. We were on our way to Manzini and I would see her when we arrived. I put my jacket on and my bracelet broke. Right away I knew that God hadn't wanted me to give the bracelet to her. I didn't know why, I just felt he didn't. When we arrived and I spent some time with Ntambifuthi, she told me me she liked to read the bible and I could tell, she knew a lot of scripture. I commented that she must read her bible often, she said she didn't have her own but she did read it when she is at church. It was then that I knew why my bracelet broke. I had my bible with me that day because it was my turn to do devotions at lunch. The bible I had, was given to me when I was 16 years old, by my grandparents, when I was baptized. My name was inscribed on the cover in silver and on the inside cover was the date in 1981 and my grandparents names. God had put it upon my heart to give her my bible. The appreciation she portrayed will be with me forever. It was a great moment.

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