Monday, February 18, 2008

A Great Day!

Sunday, January 20, 2008
Today was the most amazing day yet. We started the day by spending a half an hour reflecting with the lord. I sat on the hill behind my room in awe at the beautiful mountain that God created. Such intricate detail, it’s so amazing how everything fits together in his grand scheme of it all. And as I sat there in peace, praising the beauty that he created, I came back to something I read once, “When God is at the center of your life, you worship, when he’s not, you worry.” What a wonderful way to start the day. I sure could get used to that. How many times do we allow life to get in the way and we don’t take time to spend quietly in his presence. Perhaps we should give ourselves permission to do this everyday. Perhaps we should schedule it on our planners. This country is beautiful! I really think Rob would love it here. The pace is so much slower. People aren’t in any hurry to get anywhere. And their outlook on daily tasks is “if it doesn’t get finished today, there is always tomorrow.” I love that!

We went to the church in Manzini. The new Pastor was to be announced today. Everyone arrived in their Sunday best and the children were adorable. The little boys had traditional Swazi attire with their wraps and necklaces. The choir wore their traditional wraps too. The service started with the children singing. A little boy sang Jesus loves the little children of the world. It was so cute and I teared up a bit as it reminded me of Braden and I was sure missing him. The service lasted a few hours but it never really seemed like it, as there was always something going on. I love it when the Swazi choir sings. They sound so beautiful and put so much into it. I noticed that when Ntombifuthi sings, her face lights up as she praise’s God. There is an innocence in their worship, they come to the father as a child. They are kind hearted and loving.

Honorary Swazi

Busciwe and the choir presented Linda, Tom, Pastor Dale and the Pastor from Mozambique with traditional Swazi wraps. It was very touching. I have gotten to know Linda more while here and as I knew she is an amazing person, this trip has brought a new found respect for her. I feel honored to know her. God is doing great things through her. She has a true faith in him and listens to him. I think that is the key, she listens. She takes the time to listen. She remains so humbled.

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