Saturday, October 13, 2007

How it began!

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I met Derek at Channel 25 News when I would attend with adoptable pets through the Humane Society. Derek is the meteorologist at Channel 25. I had been going there every other week for quite some time. One morning Derek asked me to stay and watch his piece on Swaziland. The news station had been covering his trip leading up to and in Swaziland. At this point he hadn't gone yet but was preparing for this mission along with several others from New Covenant Free Methodist Church. I was so touched by what he was apart of and longed to get right with God again. I often wonder if he realizes how God worked through him to bring me back. Derek invited me to his church and with that I found a place that fit. A place that will provide community in my life so that I may allow God to mold me to carry out the purpose he has for me. I feel truly blessed that I may be apart of this work team, that God had brought me to that station that morning, and to know such a wonderful young man so eager to help others through Gods love.

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D.V.D. said...

I still haven't gotten my fundraising slip from you yet! Send me one please!

In God's Love,

Derek Van Dam